145cm Velvet Human Life Like Full Size Sex Doll Fucked – Justina


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  • Customization Options

    Delivery Options

    Hair Style

    Eye Color

    Fingernail Color

    Toenail Color

    Skin Color

    Areola Color

    Areola Size

    Labia Color

    Vaginal Type

    Body Vascular Makeup

    Pubic Hair Type

    Standing Feature

    EVO Skeleton

    Detachable legs


    Automatic Blowjob

    * This function can be selected together with automatic suction, but not with electric hip.

    Electric Hip

    * This function can be selected together with automatic suction, but not with automatic blowjob.

    Automatic Suction

    * This function can only be selected together with one of the functions of electric hip and automatic blowjob. Automatic blowjob, electric hip, and automatic suction cannot be selected at the same time.

    Finger Skeleton Upgrade

    Heating Function

    Pronunciation Function

    Breathing Function

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Real Doll Measurement

Material TPE
Height 145cm
Shoulder Width 29cm
Upper Breast 67.5cm
Lower Breast 56cm
Waist 50.5cm
Hip 74cm
Arm Length 44cm
Hand Length 16.5cm
Leg Length 77cm
Foot Length 21cmm
Mouth Depth 14.8cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 13cm
Weight 26kg

More Information

Sexy love dolls are available in different genders(male and female), races(Asian, American, African), body sizes, and shapes. Real-life sexy dolls made to look like a particular person are known as portrait hot sexy dolls, while those sex dolls made without anyone in mind are called abstract sex dolls. Sex dolls usually have penetrable openings(at least one); it may be the vagina, anus, or mouth. Sex dolls offer companionship in addition to enjoyable sex life. Who wouldn’t want that? Most of your friends who offer you friendship and companionship will not allow sex since you are not committed to them. In the same vein, a random one-night stand won’t provide companionship. Interestingly, with sex dolls, you have both of them without any sort of complaints or limits. product description area What kind of feature does sex doll have?

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