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How To Avoid Sex Doll Damage – 4 Safety Tips

4 Safety Tips To Avoid Sex Doll Damage

Sex dolls are one of the biggest investments for many doll owners, which means taking good care of the dolls is a priority. Of course, we have no doubt that you have put a lot of effort into your doll. However, there are many aspects to caring for a doll, and it is inevitable that there will be some negligence. Here, we will emphasize some things again, so that you can really protect the doll from sex doll damage and stay with you for a long time.

1. Be sure to unpack the doll very carefully.

Please suppress your excitement when you first see your doll, and then open the package with a calm mind. Unpacking is the most likely place for accidents. Don’t forget to read the safety manual to learn how to properly set up and use your dolls. After all, there’s nothing worse than damaging your doll right after getting it.

2. Don’t overstretch your doll.

All TPE and silicone lifelike dolls on our site offer considerable flexibility to achieve human-like movements. However, the skin of the dolls can’t be restored just like humans, and excessive stretching or odd postures can tear their skin. And that’s why we recommend that you follow the instructions that come with the package, which clearly show you the range of motion of your love doll.

3. Hang your love doll up or lay on her back.

The way the doll is stored is very important. Remember not to keep your doll in a strange motion for too long as this will damage her body structure. It is best to lay your doll on her back such as on your bed or in a flight case.

Many sex doll owners have reported that the buttocks of full-size TPE sex dolls will deform when stored flat for a long time. So hang up your doll every once in a while to help her relieve the pressure on her back.

4. Move the doll around with a wheeled carrier.

A lifelike full-size sex doll usually weighs 30 to 50 kilograms. Many doll owners will find it difficult to move such a heavy doll. And in the process, it is very possible to drop your doll to the ground and cause damage. But if you use a wheeled carrier like a wheelchair, it will be much easier to move your love doll, which will also greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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