General Questions

Hox Doll aims to provide you with an exceptional experience when you shop on our online store. We do this by offering you high-quality affordable sex dolls as well as great customer service. Additionally, we have strong relationships with the best top sex doll brands all over the world. We also design and manufacture our own high-quality realistic sex dolls. Hence, Hox Doll offers the best quality lifelike sex dolls at the most competitive prices. Hox Doll is committed to offering a wide variety of dolls, designed to fully satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. You can use the catalog tools on our product page to find your perfect doll.
All our high-quality sex dolls are made in China and shipped from China. However, we have several warehouses in the United States and Europe to cut down shipping times. Will be shipped directly from these warehouses if your order is in stock.
Absolutely! Hox Doll is a legitimate website and also an authorized retailer that sells only genuine sex dolls. We do not sell ANY counterfeit or inferior dolls here. Hox Doll has the authorization of over 30 leading sex doll brands/manufacturers. You can click here to check out our certifications and authentications.
Manufacturers tend to focus more on research and production with very little attention left to communicating with customers. An authorized vendor such as Hox Doll on the other hand, has the customer as the primary focus. We are also well-equipped with adequate communication channels that help you solve various problems you may encounter over time. Additionally, our team of vendors has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to various brands. Hence they can provide in-depth analysis of your needs and using this extensive knowledge help you select the perfect sex doll brands for your unique needs.


Multiple payment sources are allowed however you will need to speak with our customer care representative to set up multiple payment for you.

We support three major payment methods. They are bank transfers, PayPal and credit cards. If you are making your payments via PayPal then, simply contact us via email.

Absolutely. Your security and privacy are very important to us. We employ the use of SSL protocol for encryption of all information. The back-end system is also fully protected thanks to the credit card and PayPal additional security and privacy.

Of course. We routinely run promotional offers and these codes are accepted and will be discounted from your order when you use the “apply coupon” button.

You can apply coupon code on the “checkout” page or the “cart” page.

Your payment may not be successful for one or more of the following reasons;

  • The credit card issue can decline a charge if your provided billing address on our website is different from the information on your credit card. The relevant information includes credit card number, exploration date, CVV/CVC, and billing zip code. Also if the purchase does not align with the card owner’s spending habits. Expired credit cards will also not be successful. If any verification checks field the payment will not be successful. If any of these happen the payments are pending and we have not received the funds. Since this is an incomplete transaction the funds will be automatically returned to your account within a few days.
  • The country in which you are located may impose certain limitations on your credit card for online cross-border or overseas transactions.
  • If your payment should fail do not hesitate to contact your bank, credit card provider, or PayPal customer service.


Hox Doll offers a price match for every sex doll available on our page. This policy is possible thanks to the authenticity of all our sex doll offerings.

To order a sex doll from Hox Doll, simply follow the distance below;

  • Browse through our extensive catalog of realistic sex dolls and you will find the right match for your preferences.
  • Carefully examine the description of your preferred sex doll.
  • Adjust the customization options to your preferences then select the “view cart” checkout option. Alternatively, simply click on the “buy now” button.
  • Note that if you are in possession of one or more coupon codes, the “view cart” icon produces a box where you can enter the coupon code and enjoy your well-deserved discount. You will find it easier if you use the “view cart” option to review your order and ensure that everything is exactly as you intended. Doing this will further lower your chances of having any issues or oversights and ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.
  • On the order page, you will get to fill in the relevant details including your full name, email address, delivery address, and other relevant information.
  • Once you have completed the order you will be redirected to a payment page. We employ the use of anti-fraud SSL encrypted technology. Once you fill in your payment details complete the process by clicking on the “place order” button.
Of course. Please ensure that you receive your other confirmation email after placing your order. If however, you do not receive the confirmation email, be sure to check your spam folder for the order confirmation. In your other confirmation email will attach dull factory pictures as well as tracking information. Hence, you must include a valid email address.

We hold customer service in extremely high regard. So in the case of any defect once you receive your sex doll. You only have 24 hours within which you can contact us, and we will either replace or repair the sex doll. Depending on the level of defect provided that the sex doll has not been used.

All of our sex doll models go through a strict, well-detailed quality control process. This ensures that there are minimal cases of defects. Although a few cases may arrive from time to time, we are going to readily cooperate with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We will process the order in 24 hours once you successfully place the order. If you need to change any data for your sex doll. Or you need to cancel your real life sex doll order, please contact us. We will verify and reply to you right away.
Unfortunately, our warehousing license does not support picking up from the warehouse or visiting the warehouse. That doesn’t mean you cannot see your sexy real doll though. We will give you access to images of our in-stock sex dolls. You can also contact us for more pictures capturing specific details that may interest you.

Once you have successfully placed your order the following processes begin one after the other.

  • You will receive a confirmation email within 12 hours just as soon as the final payment has been cleared.
  • Once you receive the confirmation email you can expect your sex doll to arrive in a week or two. Standard sex dolls take one to three business days. Shipping and delivery takes five to 12 days. However custom sex dolls can take up to 5 to 20 business days to produce depending on your customization options.
  • Once your sex doll is ready to be shipped you will receive tracking information via our courier partners.
  • Kindly reach out to us no matter what time it is, if you have questions during the shipping process.

You can modify your orders up to 24 hours after placing them. However any later than 24 hours and the production would have commenced which makes it impossible to change the fundamental framework of the sex doll (body type, skin color). However for more peripheral modifications such as hair color or eye color there still should be a chance.

You can cancel your order. However, be sure to send your cancellation request to our email as soon as possible. Please note that cancellation attracts certain fees for restocking based on the timeline by which you canceled your order. Below at the various charges according to the time of cancellation;

  • Translation done within 4 hours qualifies you for a full refund.
  • Cancellation done within 24 hours will qualify you for a 40% refund.
  • Cancellation done within 48 hours will qualify you for a 20% refund.

Please note that you cannot cancel custom at any time. This is because the sex doll will be made to your unique specifications and cannot be repurposed for someone else.

If you require customized options you can select them on the product page. If customization options are not currently listed on the product page be sure to contact us via any of our customer care channels and we will provide you with whatever customization options are required for your sex doll.


You will usually receive your sex doll in 8 to 15 days from the day your order is confirmed. However, this timeline is approximate and prone to certain exceptions. Furthermore, during special days such as Chinese holidays, National Day, and spring festivals, there may be longer delays.

In-stock sex dolls will arrive in your country within 3 to 6 days once you place your order. However, customs may require free to 4 weeks for clearance depending on your country. It is important to note that a silicone sex doll will cost more than a TPE sex doll.

Sex dolls that are in stock are already finished and packaged in the warehouse from where they are shipped directly to your location depending on proximity. Custom sex dolls on the other hand are made and shipped directly from China.
Absolutely. We offer free shipping to locations in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States. It is however important to know that the receipt may include import taxes and value-added tax in Europe. We recommend in-stock sex dolls because these taxes do not apply thanks to our warehouses.
You will be provided with other information as well as shipping information both on the order page and in your email notification. Once you log in to your account on Hox Doll, this information should be accessible on your order page.
You can pick up your package at your local UPS or FedEx location. If you prefer this option please leave us the UPS or FedEx location closest to yours. We will ship the package there for you to pick up. Please be sure to contact UPS or FedEx to confirm before shipment.
Absolutely. All packages just shipped from us are contained in discreet packages with no specific signage or labeling indicating the contents of the box. You can also receive your package at your doorstep or you can pick it up at any UPS or FedEx store.
Your sex doll comes with complimentary basic accessories such as a pair of handling gloves, a cleaning pot, a free wig, a random free outfit, and a blanket.

Some countries including the United States of America and some European countries support our service to prepaid value-added tax and import taxes. Hence, dealing with customs is not going to be on the list of your worries.

However, countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan do not support this service. Hence, you may be required to pay import taxes at delivery. You will be required to submit proof of payment or invoice at this point. The confirmation email you receive should suffice in this regard. However, if you require an invoice you can contact us and we will provide you with one.

As much as we would love to ship to all countries across the globe. Some countries have a ban on sex doll shipments. Islamic countries, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and India do not accept sex doll shipments.

Hox Doll offers free shipping worldwide for your convenience. We have no hidden charges. However, duties and taxes are subject to your local customs law and may vary according to the laws of your country.

As soon as your doll is ready to ship, we initiate our automated system that sends you your tracking number attached to an email.

At Hox Doll we take every possible measure to ensure your privacy. We employ the use of durable playing shipping boxes that carry no brand markings or identifiable labels. Hence you can rest assured that the confidentiality of the content of your package remains uncompromised.

Due to the specifics of sex doll packages (physical size) international courier services do not deliver to the post office box address. Hence, if you have filled out a PO box shipping address, please update your shipping information or send us another address. You can choose the FedEx or UPS delivery point closest to you for pick up. We will update your shipping address and ensure that your real life sex doll arrives at the exact address you specified.

Absolutely not! The only one who will have any clue as to what is inside your package will be you. We will not include any form of branding or labeling on the box and shipping label. Will be in plain brown boxes to ensure complete discretion. We protect your personal information as your privacy is extremely important to us.

There will be no specific indication on the box that gives any inclinations as to what is inside. Your package will be labeled “mannequin” for the purposes of customs clearance. The billing statement will be built under “LD WAREHOUSE”.

Once you have placed your order successfully you can expect to have your delivery in one to two weeks. All orders within the United States are shaped within 2 business days. It takes up to seven business days for you to receive your order. Orders from European countries can take up to 15 business days depending on customs delays. Once the order has been verified manufacturing takes no more than three business days. However, shipping and delivery depend largely on your location but will take no more than 15 business days with an average of 10 business days.

When you buy a high-quality realistic sex doll from Hox Doll we often provide some free gifts. We also always include basic accessories such as a comb, wig, soft blanket, and vaginal irrigator. We also provide some complimentary casual lingerie that corresponds with the character of the sex doll you order.

About Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are typically made of silicone and TPE as the two primary materials. Although both silicon and TPE feel very comfortable and realistic there are minor differences.

Sex dolls made of silicone are typically more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, silicone sex dolls are generally easier to clean as they are less likely to retain odors. Silicone sex dolls also tend to be more realistic in both looks and feel. This is because silicon has a firmness that is very similar to the human skin. Silicone is also durable and can withstand heat for a longer time. Thus making silicone sex dolls more compatible with heat systems.

Tpe on the other hand is a more soft and more pliable material. This means that TPE sex dolls are usually more flexible, and as a result, easier to position in different sexual positions. Tpe sex dolls are also easier to sculpt. This ensures more realistic looks. Moreover, TPE sex dolls are typically less expensive than their silicone counterparts.

Sex doll models with oral sex functionality tend to have TPE heads. However, a few silicone heads also have this functionality

Some countries including the United States of America and some European countries support our service to prepaid value-added tax and import taxes. Hence, dealing with customs is not going to be on the list of your worries.

However, countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan do not support this service. Hence, you may be required to pay import taxes at delivery. You will be required to submit proof of payment or invoice at this point. The confirmation email you receive should suffice in this regard. However, if you require an invoice you can contact us and we will provide you with one.

Both the fixed and removable vagina have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the fixed vagina offers a more realistic user experience. The removable vagina on the other hand is much easier to clean and replace. So when it comes to choosing which is better, you are the best judge as your personal preferences are the deciding factor.

Nowadays, a lot of sex dolls have a feature, known as “standing feet”. This feature is related to the feet of the sex doll. Sex dolls that have this feature are equipped with three screws extending from the footplate through the sole of the feet. These screws are meant to act as hardpoint reinforcement and are very visible. The function is to support the sex doll’s weight to ease the pressure put on the feet of the sector and avoid damage to the delicate skin of the sex doll. The design is not perfect as the screws penetrate the delicate skin thereby exposing the area to localized skin tears.

To prefer a solution some new sex dog models have “hard feet” options for silicone sex dolls. This option is an alternative for standing feet. It offers the same functionality without the risk associated with having three screws through the delicate skin. Yet the hard feet can support the whole body of the sex doll just as the standing feet can.

Whether your sex doll has standing feet with screws in it or hard feet. Allowing your sex doll to stand and support its weight for prolonged periods is not advisable. It is ideal to use a kind of support to distribute the weight evenly and stabilize the sex doll. Alternatively, you can use a specialized stand or fixture meant for sex dolls or mannequins. While this may take away from the realism of the fantasy, it is a necessary compromise to ensure the longevity of your realistic sex doll.

A lubricant-free vagina is one that was designed to facilitate usage without any additional lubricant. This type of vagina is usually equipped with condensed lubricants contained within it. All you have to do is apply some clean water to the vagina for proper lubrication.

The lubricant-free design can be used for both fixed and removable vaginas. Additionally, you can buy a lubricant-free removable vagina insert for your sex doll.

Absolutely! However, you must verify that you have obtained permission or authorization from the person. If you intend to customize your sex doll to be modeled after a celebrity foster we do not customize sex dolls to be completely identical to celebrities. However, you can click here to familiarize yourself with detailed information about real-person customization options.

Yes, we do. We sell hips, legs, and torsos separately as your needs may arise.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning a sex doll after use is essential to ensure the longevity of your sex doll. Please click here to follow the detailed instructions for caring for your dolls. We also offer some sex doll care products in our store.
We have a wide range of sex doll costumes. We also have a diverse selection of free sex doll wigs. Browse through our store for our extensive catalog of sex doll accessories.
The best way to store your real life sex doll is to lay the sex doll flat. However, keeping the sex doll in the same position for prolonged periods is not advisable. This is why we have recommended storage accessories in our store.
Typically sex doll skin is susceptible to certain dark fabrics. It is therefore important that you keep your sex doll away from dark fabrics in general. You should also carefully wash all clothes before wearing them on your sex doll. The best sex doll outfits are light-colored and loose-fitting.
If the sex doll’s skeleton finger should penetrate the skin simply push it back inside. However, if you want your sex doll to have flourless skin you can use the sex doll repair kit to repair the damaged skin.
The painted makeup on the sex doll was applied using common cosmetics. As a result, with time and frequent rubbing, it will fade. However, you can completely remove the makeup and redo it. This can also be done if a change in the makeup will better suit you.