Who are we?

Hoxdoll.com is owned and operated by HoxDoll Company. For more information and our contact details, visit our “about us “ page.

What is the point of the privacy policy?

Our privacy policy clearly states what you should expect when you submit your payment data and personal information on our site. We strongly recommend that you go through our privacy policy before using our services. Our privacy policy only covers information you provide to us. Hence any personal  information you provide to other websites or individuals on other websites are not covered by us. 

Could the privacy policy change?

As the sex doll industry and the internet evolve it is not impossible to change our privacy policies. We will be sure to provide you with adequate notice for any changes or modifications to our privacy policy.

What information do we collect?

You need to provide us with some basic information to use our services. Such information as your name and contact details. We can also request proof of ID for verification purposes. We might also request your account information such as username and password. Additionally, you might be required to provide us with specific details about your transactions regarding our service.

During service and when you provide feedback you might be required to provide some relevant information. We might also require your contact information as well as other information for our newsletters and other marketing campaigns.

We also collect automated information about you as you use our services such as the IP address you used to connect to the internet. We might also collect information about your browser type and version. We might collect information about your device which includes the type and other identifiers. We might collect information about your operating system and platform as well as your mobile network data. We might collect a unique reference number linked to the data entered into your system as well as login details and the website from which you arrived on our website. We might collect some of your browsing history along with time stamps.

What information do we share with other people?

For verification, we share limited billing information sent to us by our payment provider. This information may include your email address, billing address, and name.

Why do we collect the information?

We collect your information because it is essential to take steps according to your request to enter a contract with you and to execute such a contract. This also applies to information like initial inquiries, profile information contact and transaction information.

We also can collect this information because it is in our legitimate interest to enable us to send marketing communications to prospective customers about other products they may be interested in. We also do this to manage and improve our service by tracking usage patterns for sale. We also do this to detect fraud or abuse of our services. We collect information such as contact details, automated usage data feedback, and service to achieve these.

We also collect this information because you have specifically consented to eat. You still control your consent though, so whenever  you want, just send us an email with your intention to withdraw consent.

For How long does hoxdoll.com keep your data?

We will keep your professional information until you specifically request that we delete it or until the end of our contract with you.

We may however retain some of your information for longer for reasonable legal reasons. Some information is required for regulatory or tax reasons as well as fraud prevention and prevention of abuse. For these reasons, we can typically keep your information for up to 6 years.

We will keep your information ready even for newsletters as well as other markets in campaigns until you communicate to us to stop contacting you with our promotional deals.

We generally retain automated browsing information for up to 26 months. This allows us to keep relevant information in case of any abuse of services or fraud.

Which organizations do we share your personal information with?

We can provide your information to companies that supply us with services such as courier services website management and hosting services customer service payment services e-commerce services review management services analytics email distribution services and life chat services as well as a host of other relevant companies.

We may also provide your personal information to regulate us which includes law enforcement as well as other official authorities when required. This will enable them to deal with fraud abuse and enable compliance with legal requirements.

We provide your information to issues and professional advisors who have a relevant connection with our insurance coverage. This enables us to deal with legal claims.

We provide your personal information to potential buyers as long as there is a reasonable justification in the case of an actual or proposed sale or merger of our organization which may require relevant aspects of our organization.

Do we send your information to locations across international borders?

Our company has locations in multiple countries with our head office in China. We also partner with international courier services like DHL and FedEx. Hence, the very nature of our services requires us to share some information across international borders.

We may share your relevant bio-data like your name and also contact details, IP address, browsing information, etc outside your country. This information will be provided to companies that provide us with hosting services, analysis, e-commerce, email distribution, and other relevant services.

However, we assure you that every instance where we share your information is completely legal and justified. Also, every information transfer is sanctioned by the Information Commission designed to provide adequate safeguards for your personal information.

We may also need to give delivery services in your country your contact information.  This is the only way by which you can get your order delivered.

What rights do you have as a hox doll customer?

Once you have met certain legal requirements you have the following rights.

  • The right to ask us for access to your personal information either for rectification deletion or outright restriction in the years in certain circumstances. You have every right to revoke any consent you may have provided for marketing purposes.
  • You have the right to refuse the use of your personal information in some certain instances.
  • If you have any issues or objections to how we handle your personal information contact the email address on the “ about us” page.

For more information about all your rights please visit the official ICO website.

What about cookies?

hoxdoll.com much like other sex doll companies employs the use of cookies as well as other tracking technologies and our website. This file is widely used to facilitate the operations of our website more efficiently. It provides us with information about your browsing history and also allows our website to run better on your browser. While some cookies are temporary and will only remain on your computer until you close your active browser. Other cookies are more persistent and stay on your computer for longer. Remember, you can configure your browser to reject cookies. However, the functionality of our website will be limited if you opt to set your browser not to accept cookies.