Return Refund Policy

100% customer satisfaction

At Hox Doll, we offer world-class service and guarantee your complete satisfaction. All our sex doll models are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone or TPE materials. These materials are non-toxic and of premium quality. Hence, we guarantee a premium feel. We also make sure we capture every detail and make it as similar to the human form as possible. So your realistic love doll’s fingernails, eyelashes, eyebrows, and facial expression will be as lifelike and realistic as possible.

We will also provide you with HD photos directly from the factory. This will ensure that your order is exactly as you expect and you are satisfied with every detail before we begin shipping. At this stage, we can fix any mistakes or defects or maybe we can replace the entire order.

Quality assurance

We have a detail-oriented and strict quality control system. In this system, every realistic sex doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before shipping. This will ensure that every other ship has no defects or damage before leaving the factory.

Real HD photo

Before we ship your order we will provide you with a real photo of your life-like sex doll. From the photo, you can confirm that every detail is as you ordered. During this stage, you have the chance to make minor adjustments such as face makeup but it details hairstyles, etc. However, some details may not be changed at this stage such as body type face, and implanted hair.

Order cancellation

We begin processing within 12 hours of receipt of your payment. Once we processed your order, our team will package your sex doll if we have it in stock. If we do not have it in stock the factory begins to create your customized love doll. This involves the purchase of materials, location of time, and general costs. We have such strict time constraints to meet up with our delivery guidelines.

Before you hit the submit button please ensure that your order is exactly what you want. If you make cancellations within 24 hours of placing your order you will have to bear a 10% cancellation fee. If however, you have exceeded 24 hours after your purchase your cancellation fee will increase within the range of 20 to 30%. The exact fee will be determined by how far along the production and time cost is. Whatever the cost we have incurred, we will deduct the amount from your payment and reimburse you for the difference.

Please note that we do not allow cancellation for the the following orders;

  • Models with implanted hair as implanted hair is handmade and cost-intensive.
  • Silicone sex dolls especially if it is a factory-processed order. This is because silicone costs much more than TPE.
  • In stock sex dolls are shipped on receipt of your order. Once the courier has taken the order away from the factory we cannot recall the package due to the very high cost of shipping fees.
We strongly advise that you pay close attention and ensure everything is as you want it to be before you place any order.

If you have not placed the order you can add items or change items as you wish without any additional costs. Once your order has been processed, especially custom-made products. It may not be possible to alter or change or cancel the order. In the event of any changes or cancellation, we would have to follow our return and exchange policy.


What Does Our Warranty Not Cover?

We make sure that all of our lifelike real dolls pass a thorough quality check first  before being shipped out of our factory and/or warehouse. Hence, user generated damage is much more common than damage from the factory. This is why you should be exceedingly careful as you use your life like a real doll. user-generated damage is not covered.

Once you have used your real life love doll, Our warranty ceases to cover it.

Imperfections in the skin of your lifelike real doll is inevitable. The skin color or texture may look slightly different from the image you would see on your computer.

During shipping, it is not unusual for fingernails or toenails to become loose. We only use light glue to keep the nails attached so you can remove them. In the event where nails fall off, you can reattach them using lash and nail glue.

We usually protect the lashes with an eye mask. However it may be possible for the eyelash to fall off. If this happens, lash and nail glue to the rescue!

Our sex do photographer will try his best to provide you with the most accurate pictures. However, your lifelike real doll may have a slight difference between the image you see on your screen and the sex doll you receive in real life. If you do not like the makeup on your real life love doll. You can remove the makeup and use better makeup according to your preference.

The moaning and heating options will work perfectly once you receive your sex doll package. If it gets damaged during use, there will be no cover. If however the buyer is willing to pay for shipping, the factory can repair the sex doll. Note that the support we provide for these features is only partly covered because under normal use, there is a very low chance for the heating and moaning feature to get damaged under normal operating practices.

Note: Our direct address is incompatible when you return the package and file a claim with your credit card or to our address directly. All cancellation should be done through our “return” page.Only completely unused real life love dolls are eligible.