Shipping Information​

At Hox Doll, we are fully committed to providing all our customers with reliable, secure, and efficient shipping services. We appreciate the importance of prompt delivery as well as safe delivery in matters such as this.

We want nothing more than for your order to arrive promptly and in perfect condition with your privacy completely intact. Thus, we partnered with the most reliable couriers.

We also ensure that we meticulously pack every item for a smooth delivery experience. We would love to show you our shipping methods as well as estimated delivery times and other relevant information. With this, you will gain valuable insight into the processes in place to ensure that your order gets to you safely and swiftly.


Shipping Time

All sex dolls that are in stock are typically shipped between one to two business days once payment has been received.

Delivery time for custom-made sex dolls depends largely on the manufacturer. Any sex doll model that does not carry the “in-stock” tag will have to be custom-ordered the following is a list of shipping times of various shipping carriers. This is merely an estimation of the delivery time. Unforeseen exceptions may extend the time frame for the following estimates.

Shipping CourierCountryShipping Times
FedExUSA8-12 days
EUB (post service)global20-30 days.
UPSEurope8-20 days.
UPSAustralia7-10 days
UPSUSA/Canada6-8 days

Once we ship your real life sex doll, we will give you a tracking number by email. Please monitor your package tracking information and should any issues arise e.g. missing item suspended shipping etc. please contact us right away.

Your package is typically shaped directly to your location by UPS or FedEx. This means that you can expect quick logistics updates on your tracking information as you monitor your package delivery process.

In some places, however, we may transport your package via airline after which we will clear it with customs. Once this is done, UPS or FedEx are to be responsible for the final delivery to your location.

Before the package arrives in your country, the tracking information will only show the shipping label has been created. You will not have any other information regarding the status of your shipment. Well, this can be apprehensive. We advise you to remain patient during this time. We will take responsibility for all of your orders.

If you plan to pick up your package at our courier partner location. Please provide the address before the shipping is done. It is also important that you call the store to confirm if you can pick it up.

You must ensure that your shipping address is correct before we ship your product. If however, you decide to alter your shipping address after the package has been sent out please contact our customer care agents.

Look for any reason you are unable to receive your package at the estimated time in your tracking information. Directly contact the courier service to change it to a more suitable delivery date. Once your realistic sex doll is shipped, we send you detailed information about your courier.

Play snap that you must keep your phone number open so I have to be able to get urgent messages as at when due.

We advise that you inspect every item in your package to check for any damage or deformity. If the box of your package has been compromised upon receipt please take a video or HD photo and file a claim with the shipping carrier. We strongly recommend that you open each unit and carefully examine it even if the cartons look uncompromised from the outside. If you are to find any damage please take some pictures or videos.

The process of shipping our packages worldwide is not without unforeseen delays. Transport across international borders may be affected by the following factors;

  • Extreme changes in weather and natural disasters.
  • Storms, floods, earthquakes etc can cause delays in the delivery process.
  • Customs inspections.

It is not unusual for your package to be subject to customs inspections. This could result in additional fees as well as additional delays depending on the country’s regulations.

Local holidays May affect delivery schedules as shipping couriers may not operate optimally during these periods.

Changes in the political climate as well as trade policies or government regulations can impact shipping routes and timelines. It will also affect the availability of certain products in some Regions.

Certain unexpected events such as operational issues, accidents, or strikes within the organization can cause delays in the delivery process.

Our commitment to providing the best possible service as well as support through the shipping process remains unwavering.

Package issues

Wrong dolls

If you receive your sex doll and discover that it looks completely different from the factory pictures you saw on our website. Simply provide us with an unboxing video showing the entire body and other relevant information. Once you meet all the requirements we will arrange a new replacement for you.

Damaged sex dolls

If your sex doll should arrive damaged, file a claim with the shipping company. A new replacement will be provided depending on the severity of the damage. If necessary, we will provide a repair kit.

Packages missing

If you are unable to get your correct package please reach out to FedEx or UPS to file a claim.

Please note that you should not file a claim with your payment card. To cancel your order or return your package, please send us an email. The shipping address on the package is not available for returns. Made-to-order and in-stock sex dolls do not carry return addresses. Please ensure that your line flight sector is brand new.