Payment Information

How can I pay for my real-life sex doll?

At Hox Doll, we accept payment in several currencies. You can pay in AUD, USD, GBP EUR, etc. We will also accept all popular debit and credit card payment options including AMEX and Visa. Furthermore, we accept payments via PayPal. You can pay for your realistic sex doll via Paypal Credit (this offers a sex doll finance option for customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and other regions) N.B This option is specific to certain regions.

You can also pay via Coinbase Commerce ( providing cryptocurrency payments). Additionally, you can pay using PayPal Invoice Me, which provides a secure purchase now, and pay later with a manual invoice solution.

How does a Hox Doll payment appear on my bank statement?

All Hox Doll payments will appear discreetly in your bank's statement. The payment should come up as “mannequin warehouse” or something similar. This ensures that your privacy remains uncompromised at all times.

Are my payments secure on Hox Doll?

At Hox Doll we use top-of-the-line security systems to ensure your payment security. Thanks to our integrated level 1 PCI-compliant system, you have the assurance that there should be zero security breaches. Hox Doll is also SSL encrypted. Thus ensuring that all your personal information as well as credit card information will remain private. Your browser should show a small closed padlock icon next to our URL. This verifies the level of security on our site.

Furthermore, all of our payment methods are designed to protect both our customers and us. This ensures that neither you nor us fall victim to any fraudulent purchases or sales. So, you never have to worry because your data is 100% secure at all times. Our system is designed to protect both parties(you and us) against all fraudulent transactions. This is thanks to our round-the-clock monitoring system. We are protected against fraud, email phishing, and identity theft.

How can I pay for my order?

Hox Doll supports multiple payment options, these are:
P.S. If you have any issues with payment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buyer protection and payment security

At Hox Doll our privacy and safety are the most important for us. With security at the very top of our list of values, it is no surprise that our website is SSL-encrypted. We protect our back-end system using security practicals and we use PayPal security practicals to guarantee the privacy and safety of your payments. We have comprehensive systems in place that make sure that both your security as well as hours remain uncompromised.

You can process your payments with PayPal, allowing you to take advantage of PayPal credit options. You can also make payments with American Express MasterCard Visa JCB Discover and Diners Club debit cards or credit cards. When making a payment through PayPal you do not need a PayPal account. We recommend PayPal as our preferred payment method because of its additional buyer protection system.

It is important to note that if you have an active VPN or proxy to Mask your IP. Our security protocols might decline your transaction as your activity will come up as suspicious. We understand your privacy concerns however we also need to protect ourselves from fraudulent transactions.Hence, we put a reliable system in place to ensure your security so, there is really no need to use additional safety or privacy software. We also ensured that our customer service representatives cannot gain access to your payment details. So you cannot ask them to place an order for you because they do not have such access.

Modes of Payment

We accept credit card payments directly on our page. We support MasterCard Discover American Express and Visa credit cards. If your card is any of these cards, you should have no problems.

However, our products carry an unusually high unit price compared to other products. As a result credit cards that are restricted from making large transactions may encounter issues. Additionally, you may also receive a transaction risk warning from your bank during this transaction. If for any reason your payment declined, be sure to call or email your financial institution or card issuer for authorization of the transaction. If however the payment continues to get declined, please choose PayPal as your preferred method.

We support PayPal payment options as well as other options offered by PayPal which include PayPal balance debit card or credit back card and bank accounts.

If you never created a Paypal account, however, you have a credit card. Just click “credit card” or “debit card” in the PayPal option. This will direct you to the PayPal checkout window where you will be required to enter your debit or credit card info to authorize the payment.

PayPal credit secure financing option which allows you to pay for your purchase over time with no interest within a certain promotional period. If the interest on your credit card is too high then you can try this method.

We also support Klarna. However, this option is only available to customers in the United States. Klarna provides a buy now pay later option with flexible payment systems to suit your needs budget.
This payment plan helps you by splitting the cost of your realistic sex doll into four payments. These installments can be done fortnightly (every two weeks). These payments are interest-free and offer you more time to pay for your real-life sex doll.

With this payment plan, you can start enjoying what you order as soon as possible. You can make your payments online and after you try the product in person. This plan attracts no interest and you are only obligated to pay if you decide to keep the product.

Klarna 6-36 months sex doll financing.

We support transparent credit card options thanks to our partnership with Webb Bank. This offers you a flexible financing payment plan that can accommodate larger purchases.

Please note that if your payment by klarna fails you can contact us to generate a Klarna invoice from our end.

You can select a PayPal invoice option. Once you select this option we will send you a PayPal invoice by email with the attachments mannequin warehouse.

Simply follow the steps below to pay using this method;

  • Open the email and click on the “pay now’ button. This should redirect you to the PayPal website.
  • If you have a PayPal account simply log in with your credentials you can select the “pay with credit card or debit card” option.
  • Confirm all relevant details in the invoice including the amount due and merchant information.
  • You will receive an order confirmation email once we have received your payment. We support partial payment and will issue you an invoice specifying how much we have received and how much is left for you to pay.

Interest-free Layaway/split payment/Multi-card.

This plan offers you the option to split your payment into several parts. When you have insufficient funds to complete your order, or you want to pay using more than one card, this option is especially handy.

How to use the layaway plan

Follow the steps below to use the LOVEDOLL layaway plan:

  • On the payment page, click on the layaway payment plan post and you should receive an email with attached instructions about starting your layaway plan.
  • Follow the link in your email to make a down payment. You can also use the same link to balance up. You can make these payments with both PayPal and credit cards.

Layaway terms and conditions.

You will be required to make a $200 down payment using a credit card PayPal or Klarna. This payment initiates your layaway plan. You are obligated to complete your total cost for your life like real doll within 3 months of creating the layaway plan. You can enjoy the flexibility of making as many payments as you deem convenient within that time frame. The minimum amount per payment is $200. It is also important that you make at least one payment per month and complete your payment within 90 days.

Once you have completed 50% of your order payments. We will begin production. If you wish to enjoy of our deals and promotions then you shouldn't complete 50% of your  payment within the time frame for the validity of the promotion. Once you make your complete payment we will ship out your order and send you an email with a tracking number. If you are making an order using a layaway plan cancellation will attract a non-refundable 30% fee.

Money order.

A money order is a reliably safe payment method. All you need to do is male in your money order to the amount and send it to us. Once you submit your order, we will wait till we have received your money order with all relevant information. Please contact our customer care for our money order details before making your order.

How to keep your payment secure.

  • Hoxdoll uses a secure and reputable payment gateway certified by the PCI DSS. This security system ensures that all our payments are encrypted and protected.
  • We also have SSL certification. SSL also known as the secure socket layer is a security protocol that enables the encryption of data transferred between your browser and our website. This means that your financial and personal information remains secure during transmission.
  • Data privacy is very important to us and we will protect your personal information at all times.

We offer the following payment methods. If you have any issues with your payment, kindly contact Hox Doll right away.

Why does my payment fail?

It is possible for your payment not to go through due to the following reasons;

Our system and security protocols support Google Chrome Firefox and several other browsers. However, with old browsers such as Internet Explorer or VPN browsers, you may encounter some issues as a result of incompatibility with our security protocols.
You may also have debit card or credit card issues as a result of an invalid card disabled card expired card or the transaction amount exceeding the card limits. Your credit or debit card issue may also have issues with international transactions. Be sure to explore all these issues if you have problems. Do not hesitate to contact customer PayPal’s custom support or your credit or debit card issuer to resolve these issues.
If you receive a notification with a “do not honor” notice. This means that your bank is not authorizing the transaction.
This simply means that you do not have enough money in your bank account, or on your credit or debit card to cover the transaction amount.
This means that the transaction you are trying to authorize costs more than the withdrawal limit on your credit card or debit card.
This indicates that you have entered an invalid credit card number most likely due to a typographical error.
This means that you entered an invalid expression date in your credit card details. If you confirm the details and the product persists then you would need to get in touch with your bank.
This error is common when you enter an invalid security code or have a mistyped entry in your credit card information. If the error or problem does not go disappear, you will contact your financial institution.
This means that your bank has declined the transaction due to the location from which you authorized the transaction.
This means that the transaction goes against some of the fraud rules put in place by your bank. You can try your transaction again with your PayPal account or pay with your card using the PayPal option.
If however any of the above persist, please contact us immediately and we will find the best solution for your issues.