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Tips and Tricks for Hiding Your Sex Doll Effectively

A sex doll can satisfy your erotic desires and companionship needs, but discretion is key to ensuring the privacy of your intimate life. Knowing how to hide a sex doll effectively will save you from social stigma and judgemental friends or family members and allow you to enjoy every moment with your lady to the fullest.

At HoxDoll, we understand the importance of proper sex doll storage and the right techniques to preserve your love doll’s shape and keep her fresh and lovely while hiding her away in a closed space. In this guide, we’ll explore various tips and techniques for storing away your sex doll, ensuring her comfort and protection and your privacy.

The Size and Structure of the Sex Doll Play a Role

Understanding the size and structure of the love doll you’re keen on acquiring is crucial for deciding where and how to hide a full size sex doll. You’ll find that sex dolls are available in an array of sizes and body types you need to have in mind when looking for a place for hiding your sex doll discreetly.

Sex Doll Size

Most commonly, full-size love dolls start at 140cm/4ft 7in height and can stand as tall as 175cm/5ft 9in. But height is not the only parameter you need to consider, as the body type you choose will determine the storage dimensions. Petite and skinny dolls do not have a huge volume or weight, so safely storing them will be much easier. BBW dolls, on the other hand, can have a bust size of over 106cm/3ft 6in and weigh over 50kg/112.4lbs, making it much trickier to find a suitable space for storing your doll.

Sex doll torsos are much shorter and lighter, even with a BBW body type being less than 139cm/4ft 6in tall and about 30 kg/67 lbs heavy. Still, you’ll need to consider the BBW models and the volume of the storage option for the doll in your home.

Sex Doll Structure

When looking for options on how to hide your sex doll discreetly, you must consider how long the doll will be placed in the same position. TPE dolls are prone to damage when placed in a sitting posture or cramped in a tight space in an uncomfortable position.

A few hours in such circumstances is acceptable, but you’ll find the butt may flatten, and creasing will appear on the crotch when spending a lot of time being seated. The best thing to do is provide special padding to support the weight of your love doll and keep the structure undented.

When settling on how to hide sex doll in your house, keep in mind that the lying position is the best way to keep your sex doll hidden. They can spend a long time, even months, lying on their backs without any compression problems. If the love dolls have standing feet, you can keep them upright for a prolonged period with cushioning between them and the wall they lean on. It’s always a good idea to change the sex doll’s storing positions every once in a while to avoid damage due to weight pressure and unusual posture.

Tips on How to Hide a Full Size Sex Doll Effectively

As a responsible sex doll owner, you need to understand the importance of hiding your sex doll discreetly to prevent a visitor or a family member from accidentally discovering your secret love companion. So, let’s reveal where’s the best place to hide big sex doll and how to store it safely for your peace of mind.

Techniques for Hiding Your Sex Doll Discreetly

If you have purchased a high-end model, your love doll will be able to stand up straight due to the structural strengthening of the feet and ankles. This allows you to store and hide the doll in an upright position in your closet, but you should never leave it free-standing for a long time. It’s best to lean it on the closet wall and place some padding on the back, such as a memory foam pillow.

In certain models, your love doll can be equipped with ring hooks or a hanging hook, visible when you remove the head. This means you can hang the doll in your closet or any other storage space like you hang your clothes. It’s the safest way to hide these models of love dolls because the hooks are an integral part of the doll, fitted during manufacture. All other models should be placed in a lying position.

Best Practice Tips for Hiding Your Sex Doll

  • Clean your doll thoroughly before hiding her, and use clean linen or white blankets to cushion her against hard surfaces.
  • Avoid a constricted position with the unnatural posture of the limbs and head. The awkward folding leads to compression, creases, and tiny cracks, tending to become more prominent over time, ruining the looks of your love doll.
  • Take off your doll’s clothes and jewelry before hiding her away. Tight-fitting lingerie and intimate apparel can deform the body and cause the same type of damage as a cramped position. Also, the clothes and accessories may transfer color to the doll’s skin and stain it.
  • When hiding your sex doll during colder months, make sure she’s placed far from all types of heat sources. Prolonged or excessive heat exposure can damage the skin and deform the doll’s structure.
  • If you have a special room reserved for your love companion, see she’s placed away from direct sunlight as yet another heat source.
  • Choosing a dry hiding place is important because humidity can enter TPE, causing bacteria and mold growth.

How to Hide a Sex Doll from Your Wife

Hiding your sex doll from your wife may be non-viable in the long term. There is very little space in your home you can consider completely out of your wife’s reach, like your man cave or the part of the garage she never visits. But, in reality, it’s impossible to hide your love doll from prying teenagers and use it without your spouse or family members noticing your absence.

So, if you’re wondering where to hide a sex doll from your wife, consider being honest and open about your sexual desires. Your wife may show much more understanding of your sexual needs and fantasies than you expected. If she is uncomfortable with the idea of a sex doll in your home, you can come up with a compromise to hide it in your private area and only use it when your spouse is away.

In any case, your sex doll should be kept private and safely tucked away to ensure discretion.

Creative Solutions for Sex Doll Storage

Here are several creative ways for sex doll storage by HoxDoll to help you clear up the dilemma of where and how to hide a sex doll:

Make Your Closet a Sex Doll Shelter

The closet is the first choice for many sex doll enthusiasts, especially if it’s spacious and offers enough room for a full-size doll. You can put her in the back and stack or hang lots of clothes to keep her out of sight. You’ll need to place her on the floor or a very sturdy shelf because of her life-like size and weight, and be mindful of the proper storage techniques to avoid damage.

Hiding a torso is much easier if your wardrobe has limited space, but you can get creative and make adjustments to the layout to accommodate your love doll. If you can provide a nice space where you can take care of her the way she deserves, then the closet is the ideal place to hide your sex doll.

Sex Doll Custom-Made Furniture

Most sex doll owners don’t want anyone to know that there is a sex doll hidden in their rooms. Because our society tends to turn what they don’t know into a taboo, and unfortunately, sex dolls are one of them.

These preconceptions don’t mean sex dolls are wrong or even weird for that matter, people are just not used to them and don’t know how to react. In this blog, we will teach you how to hide your sex doll from the public eye within the home.

Under the Bed

The most common area for sex dolls hiding is under the bed. It is a private place, and rarely people would look up things under the bed as they would in the closets. You can store your doll in an appropriate box or suitcase by wrapping her up in the cotton muslin bags. Of course, you can place other cases or items under your bed to confuse those who are looking under your bed.

Invest in custom furniture designed to safeguard your sex doll in the best possible way. You can opt for a long dresser or a long storage bench that will blend in with the rest of the furnishing in your home. You can also sketch out space for your accessories to ensure everything is neatly hidden in one place.

Use the Under Bed Storage Drawer

Using the drawer under your bed may be the most convenient way to hide a full-size sex doll. Such storage allows you to react quickly when there is someone in your home and stow away the doll that usually spends her time on your bed. The huge drawers can also take in your love doll’s clothes, accessories, and cleaning kits. This is an economical and convenient option for hiding your sex doll discreetly and effectively.

Opt for a Storage Box or a Flight Case

If your bed is not fitted with drawers, use the original storage box or shipping crate your doll arrived in. The boxes are padded, so your doll will feel comfortable and safe hiding for a long time in it. They are unmarked and won’t attract anyone’s attention tucked away under your bed.

A similar idea to hide your sex doll from prying eyes is to buy a flight case lined with quality material. Flight cases seal tight, so your doll will be protected from dust and moisture while hiding under your bed.

Adapt Your Utility Room or Basement

It would be ideal to have a spare room where your love doll can be safely hidden from everyone by simply locking the door. This way, you won’t have to worry about storage and can freely display her and all her accessories. But you can adapt your utility, basement, or the space under the stairs and turn it into your sex doll’s private quarters. Add a robust locking system, and your doll will always be hidden, providing you peace of mind.

Consider Storage Locker Rental

If it’s difficult to hide your sex doll in your home, consider renting a locker. Keeping your love doll away from family members and your wife may be the best solution for avoiding conflict or uncomfortable situations. A decent-size storage locker will be a place for a perfect getaway, where you’ll feel free to spend some quality time with your sex doll.

Maintaining Privacy: A Critical Aspect of Sex Doll Ownership

Most sex doll owners prefer to keep their love companions secret and hidden from friends and family. This is understandable because it’s natural to keep your intimate life private. Privacy ensures you can enjoy your love doll without the pressure of being judged or stigmatized. Utilizing functional hiding techniques will enable you to maintain complete privacy of your most intimate desires and keep your love doll safe and secure.

How Do You Hide a Sex Doll: Final Thoughts

Having a sex doll provides you companionship, intimacy, and fulfillment of your sexual desires. But if you want to enjoy your intimate moments fully, you need to learn how to hide a sex doll successfully for maximum privacy. Explore the size, volume, and structure of sex dolls available at HoxDoll and apply the right hiding techniques to keep your companion in good condition while being concealed.

You’ll be able to discreetly hide your sex doll, maintain healthy boundaries, and enjoy peace of mind.

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