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Inflatable Doll Vs TPE Sex Doll Vs Silicone sex dolls

The Differences Between TPE Sex Dolls and Inflatable Dolls

A sex doll, also known as a simulated doll, is an equivalent doll with the shape and size of a real human body, primarily for companionship and daily life functions. The love dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some may consist of the entire body of the partner, and others may consist of only other body parts. The parts of these dolls sometimes vibrate according to the needs of the user and are sometimes even interchangeable.

Silicone sex dolls

Softer than regular silicone sex dolls, they have a real skin-like feel and offer a wide choice of looks. Many companies offer miniature dolls. These dolls have a metal skeleton and moveable facial features so you can adjust their expression as well as their pose. There is a lot of preparation time required to use the doll – powdering the skin surface, heating it with an electric blanket, etc.

TPE sex dolls

TPE material is similar to silicone to the naked eye, but is softer and more pliable than silicone dolls, also resulting in TPE dolls that are often deformable and have a metal skeleton like silicone dolls, which makes them a bit heavy: although many TPE sex dolls are smaller and lighter than silicone dolls. TPE material has a very realistic touch when heated and the only downside for those who like to dress up their dolls is that TPE dolls can be easily stained, so light-colored clothes are generally the most practical.

In this article, we focus on the differences between solids and inflatables. They are shown below.

(1) The skeleton of a sex doll is made of titanium and has various joints and technical support to allow you to pose in any way you like. Inflatable dolls, on the other hand, need to be inflated before use and only have a straight pose, which only meets the needs of some people.

(2) TPE & Silicone dolls are molded and therefore cannot be folded, usually, only the head is removable, and storage requires a large storage box and a dry environment; inflatable dolls can be folded and stored in a corner of a cupboard after deflating and cleaning.

(3) Realistics love dolls are more realistic due to the complexity of the materials and processes used to make them, and they feel more in touch with real skin, whereas inflatable dolls are less realistic and have a distinctly plastic feel because they are inflated, which only gives them a doll-like appearance.

(4) Lifesize sex dolls are more expensive and give a high level of user satisfaction and long service life, whereas inflatable dolls have a low level of satisfaction and are cheaper on the market, with problems such as easy air leakage and short service life.

Silicone Dolls VS Inflatable Dolls, Which One Do You Like?
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