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Hair Transplant Dolls or Wig Dolls

So, you have finally made up your mind to buy a sex doll but confused to choose whether you need to buy one with implanted hair or go for one with wigs. We are here to help you make a wise decision by going through the details given below and make an educated purchase. Dolls really have quite a distinct orientation when it comes to their hair. There are two main types of hair selections that include Wigs and implanted hair.

Now what is the difference between the two As the name indicates, implanted or transplanted hair means fixed or firm hairs that cannot be replaced. On the other hand, Wigs are simply design elements that include removable hair which are placed on top of the head of a sex doll to give it a perfect feminine look. Let’s discuss that in greater detail to help you make a never regretting decision.

Highlights of the article comparing both wigs and implanted hair dolls for you to give it a quick read;

  • Wig dolls are generally cheaper while transplanted dolls tend to be comparatively higher in prices.
  • Wig dolls are most often made of TPE and transplanted dolls must at least have silicone head.
  • Wig Dolls are easy to clean and wash because their wigs can be removed while transplant dolls have permanent hair that you need to wash each time you clean your doll.
  • Transplanted Dolls tend to be more realistic and detailed as compared to wig dolls.
  • You can easily change the looks of your wig doll by changing the wig while transplanted dolls have a unique onerous look overtime.
  • Wig dolls have a fragile control over their hair while transplanted dolls have a firm control because they are properly implanted in their heads.



As a general rule, most of the dolls with Wigs are TPE love dolls which fall into the category of affordable ones. Since these wigs are made of synthetic polymers and because of their synthetic convenience, these wigs are cheaper in price. This way, the integration of low cost TPE dolls and cheaper wigs make it easier for almost everyone to opt for a TPE doll with a wig. Most people who are looking for a loveliest sex doll in an affordable budget are recommended to go for a sex doll with a wig.

Easy to clean

A love doll requires proper care and you will often have to wash her to comply with standard health practices and keep yourself clean and germ free. This is why, care for a sex doll is a lot of hassle as you will have to clean her and then give her a bath after every sexual intercourse. So, in this case if your doll has a wig that can easily be removed, it will make it easier for you to wash the doll without soaking her hair into water tub. This saves a lot of time and reduces the hassle of washing hair every single day.

Less Realistic

Since the wigs are not fixed and often you will have to face falling off of your dolls wig during unpleasant of extreme interactions. This makes the situation feel less realistic. Keep in mind we are not talking about the nature of sex doll rather we are focusing on the wig of your love doll. So you can classify dolls with wigs less realistic than those with implanted hair.

Compatible with TPE Heads

Overall the experience of people with transplanted hair in TPE Heads is not very exciting and more people prefer wigs instead because of their unfavorable combination. Therefore, we can as a general rule say that wigs are suitable for TPE dolls and you will have a much better experience with wigs in case of TPE heads than implanted hair in TPE. This is because of the nature of TPE as it is not very supportive in case of implantation of hair.

Change the looks instantly

One of the greatest advantage of Wigs is that you will never get tired of the hair style of your love doll. There are endless possibilities for your doll to adapt a particular hair style that you like. There are multiple hair styles like curly, straight, long and short hair. Also, you can choose to switch from blonde to brunette or any other hair color that you like, simply order that particular wig online. You now have a completely different persona of your doll once she changes her hairstyle. This is perhaps one of the best choices for people who like switching between hair styles and want a differently styled love partner after a few months.

Implanted Hair

Implanted or Transplanted Hair Dolls have fixed hair that are installed or fixated on their head and cannot be replaced. Now we are going to discuss transplant hair dolls and what can be an effective purchase for you.

Expensive & Compatible with Silicon Heads

First of all, transplant hair dolls are expensive than other TPE dolls that is because in most cases hair transplanted dolls have a silicone head. Silicone is good at retaining hair and suitable for hair implantation. So you can assume that hair implantation is only compatible with silicone heads. This is why even if the body of your doll is made of TPE, it will have to have a silicone head. This can sometimes make your purchase a little heavy for you with an extra cost.

Washing Hassle

Now, in this case when you intend to give a bath to your doll, you are going to wash their hair as well. Because you cannot remove their hair for a single moment in this case and you will have to deal with it. So, it kind of increases the hassle of washing your doll every time as you will have to deal with their hair. Now, it that’s not a problem at all for you, you are good to decide for yourself.

Highly Realistic

Everybody wants to have a realistic doll that is very detailed even for their minute features. Now, implanted hair dolls have an edge as they look highly realistic and sustain their hair like a real human. You might interact with them in your own desired way and even sometimes be aggressive with them. This is when you feel that your doll is highly realistic and it won’t interrupt you. So as a general rule, when you compare an implanted hair doll with a Wig doll, you find it far more realistic and detailed and that’s a very fancy feature for some people.

Single themed Looks

Single Themed Looks means your doll is going to look that way forever or as long as you own it. Yes, if you choose a doll that that have transplanted hair, it can sometimes be annoying for you because it will look the same for its entire course and you might not be able to change their looks. There is one way you can change the hairstyle of your doll. If you buy a doll with short hair and later on you want to change their hair with wigs, shorter hair can easily be covered under wigs. Otherwise, you will have to accept that you can’t make many changes to the looks of your doll except for clothing. Wig dolls on the side can have a very big variety of selections and you can change them whenever you want.  

Firm than Wigs

It is clearly a considerable and notable point that dolls with implanted hair will have a firm control as compared to those with wigs. These hair are precisely woven in the skin of their head with highly advanced techniques. This makes the head have a very firm association with the hair and feel exactly like a human scalp. Even if it is not that precise, you will never notice their artificial nature which directly impacts your sexual satisfaction and inclination towards your doll.


These are some of the most widely accepted and highly regarded comparisons we could draw aiming to help you learn about the nature of both wig dolls as well as transplanted dolls.

We hope that after reading the article you now have a clear understanding of how wig dolls are different than transplanted dolls and how can you make a personalized decision based on your choices. In doing so you can tweak your purchase accordingly and make an informed decision. Each article is designed with an aim to help you make better decisions because sex dolls are sometimes expensive to buy and we don’t want you to regret your decision after your purchase. That’s why our research team puts forward detailed content for you to deeply understand the nature of your love doll.

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