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130 - 139 cm love dolls

When selecting love dolls for use, many people pay attention to the doll's height and size for their comfort. When shopping for love dolls, it is something you have to take into consideration so you are using the right size for yourself. Having the right-sized love doll helps you control your movements with the love doll, and it affects the experience. Here at Hox Doll Store, the 130 - 139 cm love dolls are very in demand.

What is there to the 130 - 139cm love doll?

Why should one choose to buy one of these love dolls? For one, dolls with varying heights will have varying prices too, so if you are not financially buoyant enough for the love doll you actually want and you are a fan of the more adorable love doll counterparts. These dolls are wee and cute, with each one having a name and characteristics of its own that make it unique. In this category, there are quite a few choices for you, big breasts dolls for men who adore huge tits and big butts, a category for adorable, young love dolls, those with perky tits, and so much more.

Besides, these love dolls are much lighter than their talker counterparts, and you can easily move them and find storage spaces for them in your things. These love dolls will excite you and add a spark to your sex life.

There are a few renowned heights for love dolls that are in this range, namely: 132, 136 & 138cm love dolls. Of course, other heights I'd these love dolls are available since Hox Doll Store is ever eager to please you.

These compact sex dolls are made with TPE, and you can easily change them out of their outfits into any new ones because these love dolls are well made with the best grade of materials. They have quite a realistic appearance and can pass for actual humans. To take things even further, they are ductile and long-lasting, and you will enjoy each individual detail of these love dolls when you make the purchase. Everything is realistic, from the hair to the face and even the pores of the skin. Love dolls do not get better than this.

What are the advantages of love dolls within that height range?

  1. Easier and more suitable experience of sex.
  2. Ease of carriage, transport, and storage.
  3. Unrestricted by body weight.
  4. Helps to improve the sex lives of couples.

Sex doll varieties within that height range

There are many different types of love dolls within this height range, and some of the wonderful variants you can find are the adorable Japanese love dolls, itty-bitty-breasted, mature, blonde, black, and much more. There are no height limitations to the love dolls available on the Hox Doll Store website, and you will be able to rest assured that you are receiving only the best quality materials in the love doll world. What are you waiting for? Get one of our love dolls and play with her!

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