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Sex Doll Breast Options – Hollow, Solid, Or Gel?

In our online store you will find thousands of sex dolls of different types and sizes. Dazzling, is it difficult to locate and find? Brand, price, size, weight and more are just the beginning of the selection. After deciding to buy a certain doll, you will find that there are still some customization options to tick.

Of course, we offer the easiest and most hassle-free way: “Same as product photos”. But if you have a special interest in a certain part, you have to think about it for a while.

For example, breast. Female breast is one of the secondary sexual characteristics that attract male attention. Are you a tit guy? If yes, the sex doll breast option is one thing you want to consider.

Breast options usually include areola presence, size and color, breast material and breast type. Among them, breast type is one of the more difficult options. It may be that most people don’t know enough about it. In this blog we will give you more information about sex doll breast options. Hope it helps you make an informed choice for your doll.

Below are the three main breast type options you can choose from: hollow, solid and gel breasts.


What is a hollow breast? A hollow breast is filled with air, a super soft light bouncy breast. It’s like a swaying balloon tethered to your hand and blown by the wind. Grab those breasts with both hands and watch them bounce back and forth relentlessly.

Usually it is used to make heavy busty BBW sex doll breasts for weight loss. They are lighter and softer than other breast types. However, they still feel very realistic and tactile. This is overwhelmingly confirmed by users。

Pros: Lightweight, very soft and stretchy.

Cons: Not as perky and firm as other breast types, easily damaged.

Note: Not all manufacturers and all models offer hollow breasts. In general, for smaller breasts, most manufacturers do not offer a hollow breast option.



What is a solid breast? Typically, when making TPE or silicone sex dolls, their material is poured into a mold and allowed to cure. If no special treatment is done, the breast formed at this time is solid breast. It is also called standard breast.

Solid breast is firm and perky, yet still have good softness and elasticity. However, when you squeeze them, you may feel a little hard and tough. They may feel heavier and firmer than the other two breast types.

It is highly desirable and appreciated in smaller A-cup or B-cup sized breasts. But with larger breasts, it may not be the natural feeling you’re expecting.

Pros: Realistic, perky and firm.

Cons: Not as soft or bouncy as other breast types; solid breast feels fake for big tits (D cups and larger).



What is a gel breast? It belongs to the secondary pouring process. The breast is made into a hollow structure first, and then the gel is filled in the hollow structure of the breast. The outer layer of the breast is silicone or TPE, and the inner layer is gel. As a result, kneading the breast feels better.

Very soft, lifelike, dual-sensory (tactile and visual) stimulation as the hands squeeze the breast. This also shows that gel breasts do a great job of imitating real women’s breasts.

Gel breast combines the advantages of the other two breast types. It is as soft as a hollow breast and firm and perky as a solid breast.

Gel breast is the way to go if you’re looking for extreme realism. Often, gel breast is an upgrade option offered by the manufacturer for an additional fee. So if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend extra on upgrades, this option might not be for you.

Pros: Very soft, lifelike, lively and strong

Cons: You must pay extra to upgrade to this breast option



Other options for sex doll breast such as material and areola are easy to choose.

The material of sex doll breast: TPE, silicone, gel, etc. The material of TPE doll breast is TPE, and the material of silicone doll breast is silicone. Gel breast is the exception. The gel is present inside the breast, but its outer layer is still silicone or TPE.

The color and size of the areola can be selected according to the picture of the customization option and personal preference.

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