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What’s the Difference Between Sex Dolls at Different Prices?

Real sex dolls – what’s the difference between dolls at different prices

There are a lot of adult sex dolls on the market. Newbies who want to try realistic sex dolls may wonder why a lifelike sex doll can cost anywhere from $450 to $3,000. What’s the difference between them?

In fact, the birth of those love dolls is a very long process, from technology research and development, design to production. Sex doll manufacturers (or sex doll dealers) have to run a series of marketing campaigns before the love dolls are discovered and bought by customers. After that, there are after-sales service, maintenance, and other costs.

Therefore, the cost of a high-quality doll with a good user experience is not low at all. Because it has taken a lot of money to develop new craft/technologies, and product materials. You thought it would be fun to explore it, but if you buy a cheap love doll online, it may turn out to be a joke.

Today, we will introduce you to 3 commonly used materials in the adult love doll industry.

1. TPE

TPE is a new type of polymer material, which is very close to the feeling of real human skin. It is soft and elastic like mochi, but not easy to deform. You will definitely love it as long as you touch the TPE realistic love dolls!

At present, TPE is the mainstream material in the adult doll market, and almost all premium life-size real love dolls for sale are made of TPE material.

2. Silicone

Silicone sex dolls are more realistic and are the best choice for those with a high demand for detail. The love dolls made from silicone material have the same texture as real people, and even the pores are clearly visible. Compared to TPE dolls, silicone dolls are more durable and last longer. But it’s more expensive and harder than TPE material.

3. Plush

Furry sex dolls made of plush are soft, skin-friendly, and cheap, but their most obvious drawback is that they’re not real.

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